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Why Is Topsoil So Important for Gardeners?

14 August 2020
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If you want to improve the quality of the growing material you have in your garden quickly, then same-day soil delivery will mean you can get on with the fun job of planting things much sooner. If not, it can take months to rot down garden clippings and organic waste from your kitchen to make compost. If you choose one of the soil delivery services in your area before planting, then it is highly likely that you will be supplied with topsoil. Read More …

Three Tips To Ensure Your New Mulch Doesn’t Bring Trouble With It

27 September 2019
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Spring has arrived in Australia, and that means it is time to get out into the garden to begin tackling clean-up tasks before summer arrives. As an avid gardener, you know this is the perfect time to order mulch for your garden beds as mulch stops the evaporation of moisture from the soil once the summer heat arrives. However, have you ever considered that buying mulch could bring with it termite issues? Read More …

Two Time-Saving Tips for Busy People Who Want to Garden

12 February 2019
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Whilst gardening can be both fulfilling and fun, it can also be very time consuming. If you enjoy gardening but don't have a huge amount of spare time to devote to this hobby, you may find the following tips to be quite helpful. Opt to get your supplies delivered wherever possible In order to tend to your trees, flowers and shrubs, you will not only need to buy several basic gardening tools but will also need to regularly stock up on things like compost, mulch and topsoil. Read More …

How to Choose the Ideal Firewood for Domestic Use

30 November 2017
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Even with the availability of modern heating systems that use gas and electricity, nothing brings the comfort and warmth that you get from a good old-fashioned fireplace. Imagine sitting in your living room in front of the fire with a cup of hot chocolate, music playing in the background, and an old novel at hand. However, it's important to know that not all firewood will give you the same effect you want. Read More …

4 Reasons Why You Should Install A Vertical Garden In Your Small Inner-City Home

13 November 2017
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If you live in a small, inner-city apartment building or terrace home, then you probably love the convenience and excitement that urban life provides for you. Amongst all of the benefits, there are also a few pitfalls of city dwelling and the lack of space for a productive garden is a big one. Fortunately, you can still grow a bumper crop of your favourite vegetables and herbs by installing a vertical garden. Read More …