Why Is Topsoil So Important for Gardeners?

Why Is Topsoil So Important for Gardeners?

14 August 2020
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If you want to improve the quality of the growing material you have in your garden quickly, then same-day soil delivery will mean you can get on with the fun job of planting things much sooner. If not, it can take months to rot down garden clippings and organic waste from your kitchen to make compost. If you choose one of the soil delivery services in your area before planting, then it is highly likely that you will be supplied with topsoil. This is so-called because it sits at the top of the earth with the most exposure to light, heat and rainfall. What is it about topsoil that makes it so useful in the garden?

Greater Drought Resistance

To begin with, topsoil is very good at retaining moisture, either when it rains or when you water your garden by hand. This is very good because as many Australian gardeners know, inferior quality soils can dry out very quickly in the baking sun. Any soil delivery services you call upon to improve your soil should provide you with topsoil that protects roots from drying out, lessens evaporation rates and make your plants hardier for periods when they have to go without rain.

Improved Drainage

Although being more resistant to drought may mean you think topsoil traps water at the root level, high-quality soil won't. Instead, you will also get a better draining garden after placing an order with a soil delivery service. This will help to maintain the health of plants. If your garden planting is exposed to too much water, then roots can rot. This often makes them look like they need more — leading to more and more water exposure as you try to remedy the situation. Far better to give them what they really need — a layer of topsoil to protect them.

Nutrient Top Up

When you apply a layer of topsoil over your herbaceous borders and flower beds, you will be giving your plants a good feed. This is because healthy topsoil should be jammed pack with the sorts of nutrients you won't always find digging deeper down. If a topsoil supplier thinks some nutrients are missing from their delivery, then they will often add in a little horse manure or leaf mulch to improve the diversity of nutrients within it.

No Erosion

In places where the soil is quite gritty or sandy, soil erosion can be an issue. However, with a topsoil delivery, you should see much less erosion around your garden even if your home is on the side of a hill. Because it is richer in texture, it will cling to the garden and continue to provide it with nutrients for some time to come.

If you're ready to get started, reach out to a local soil delivery service.