Three Tips To Ensure Your New Mulch Doesn't Bring Trouble With It

Three Tips To Ensure Your New Mulch Doesn't Bring Trouble With It

27 September 2019
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Spring has arrived in Australia, and that means it is time to get out into the garden to begin tackling clean-up tasks before summer arrives. As an avid gardener, you know this is the perfect time to order mulch for your garden beds as mulch stops the evaporation of moisture from the soil once the summer heat arrives. However, have you ever considered that buying mulch could bring with it termite issues? Here are three things you need to know about mulch and termites so that you don't end up with a termite infestation at home.

Reputable Source

When it comes to buying landscaping supplies, it pays to purchase from a reputable source such as a garden nursery or a landscaping contractor. When you purchase from a company which has a reputation to uphold, you stand a better chance of buying much that has not been sourced from a termite-infected area. Ask your mulch supplier where their mulch comes from because you cannot immediately see termites if they are hiding in the mulch pile.

The Finer, The Better

When it comes to mulch, the finer the particles, the less chance there is that there are termites in it. This is because mulch is made by wood being processed through a chipper machine. The fast-rotating blades in the chipper shred the wood into small particles and then spit the debris out onto a trailer. A termite ant is less likely to survive a trip through a chipper that makes small mulch because it has to get through more blades than if it went through a chipper that makes large mulch. Therefore, the smaller the mulch, the higher the likelihood that termites did not make it through the chipping process.

Mulch Wood Choice

When seeking out mulch from your landscape supplier, ask them what type of wood was used to make the mulch, as this can also determine whether you are likely to see termites. This is because there are some wood types which termites love, and then there are others which they are not fond of at all. As a general rule, hardwood trees are not attractive to termites.

Finally, if you do have any concerns about termites living in your landscaping supplies, have the mulch treated by your local pest control company before you lay it down onto your garden. These tips should now help you feel confident that you're not inviting termites onto your property once you order your new mulch supply.