How to Choose the Ideal Firewood for Domestic Use

How to Choose the Ideal Firewood for Domestic Use

30 November 2017
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Even with the availability of modern heating systems that use gas and electricity, nothing brings the comfort and warmth that you get from a good old-fashioned fireplace. Imagine sitting in your living room in front of the fire with a cup of hot chocolate, music playing in the background, and an old novel at hand. However, it's important to know that not all firewood will give you the same effect you want. In fact, different types of wood have different qualities such as burning rate, flame, ash generation and coal. If you are looking for some firewood to stack up before winter, here is a simple guide to what you should consider.


Sourcing firewood should not be very hard so you should look at what is available locally. In Australia, Brown Peppermint, Jarrah, Wandoo, and Ironbark are very popular. However, red gum is the go-to choice for most people because it's readily available in Victoria, South Australia and other parts of the country. Remember that you should only cut trees that are found in plenty so as not to endanger the species.

Purpose of the firewood

What do you want to do with the firewood? If you want to have something you can warm the house with in the evening as you cook and roast some meat and corn, red gum firewood is definitely the way to go because it burns slowly and doesn't produce a considerable flame or smoke. Redgum also has a lovely aroma that will make your house feel like home, and the red glow and coals are just mesmerizing. However, if you want a bonfire outside where people can see the massive flames out, you might want to go with Jarrah and Wandoo.

Dryness factor

The worst thing you can do when starting a fire is using wet firewood. Not only will it be tough to light but the smoke will make your lungs think you are a smoker. There are simple ways to tell if firewood is dry or wet. First, you can smell the wood, and if it doesn't have any smell, it is probably dry. Dry firewood is also light in weight so if you lift up a piece of wood you can tell if it's wet or not. Choose dark or gray colored wood and those whose bark is coming off because that means there is no moisture.

Choosing the right firewood for your home is very important in ensuring you have the proper flame, coal, and level of heat you want. Whichever firewood you decide to go with, Australia is full of suppliers who can offer the best wood at a wholesale price.